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The #KeepUP Campaign

In 2009, Urban Prep answered the call from Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to open a charter public high school serving boys on Chicago's West Side. Our students are our city's most at-risk population. They are all African-American males, 85 percent qualify for free-reduced lunch and 29 percent have Individual Education Programs (IEPs). They are victims and survivors of gun violence and trauma--in fact, ten of our West Campus students have been shot and five killed since we opened. The West Campus provides a curriculum with double the English credits and more core-courses than traditional public schools, an extended school day, robust after-school programs, and daily mentoring promoting social-emotional growth and positive self-esteem.

Chicago Public Schools has voted to close Urban Prep West Campus.


Despite elements of our society working to destroy young Black males and despite financial challenges caused by reduced funding and increased expenses, Urban Prep has continued to fulfill its mission by improving outcomes for our students. Our West Campus' student graduation rates are higher than those for their peer groups in public schools across the city and country; the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) rates the school as "Commendable"--the second highest rating available; and 100% of Urban Prep West graduates have been admitted to four-year colleges and universities.


With your help, we will #KeepUP this important work by fighting to keep Urban Prep's West Campus open. Here's how you can help:

Sign the #KeepUP petition to keep Urban Prep West open.

Support the #KeepUP campaign by making a donation.

Share why you believe in #KeepUP and help spread the #KeepUP campaign on Social Media.

Urban Prep West Campus students work hard for their futures; it's time for us to #KeepUP.

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